We, at Bioingredia, believe that the quality of any service is determined by the attitude of the organization towards each aspect of its work dynamic.

Whether it is the quality analysis of the product itself, or the management of documentation, or even customer support, Bioingredia pays special heed to ensure our clientele receive only the most top-notch services.

The following are some of the regular checks we do to ensure premium services, and good customer care.

Quality is a promise and we give the highest priority to our promises. Quality is analysed, recorded, and followed from the raw material, through the production process, post production activities, and storage. We do this to make sure we deliver the most premium product to our customers, so that they in turn, will reward us with more challenging opportunities.


Team Bioingredia believes in ensuring complete traceability of products, even when it is challenging, like for agro commodities. We have achieved 100% traceability of every production lot starting from our raw material suppliers. We are working towards total farm level traceability of every product and have achieved 30% of it even though ensuring farm level traceability to imported raw materials is still a big challenge. We aim to ensure 100% traceability by 2022, for all our products. “Biofarm 2022”, a recently initiated programme focussed on turmeric and pepper, will be further extended to other products.

Documentation Management

We have a strict documentation management system to ensure that our customer receives all our products with adequate and necessary documentation. We take utmost care in sending proper documentation weather it is quality related, logistics or sustainability. All your inputs are recorded for future references.

Online Documentation

Our online documentation centres enable you to access our specification sheets, TDS, Halal, Kosher, and other documents online, 24x7. It saves your time as well as ours.


Bioingredia is certified by various international certification bodies. You can trust our products as they comply with the high standards required by ISO 22000 HACCP (UKAS), Kosher (Star K), Halal, FSSAI, and various other certifications.